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      Florida Ignition Interlock Device User Manual

      Florida Reference and Problem-Solving Guide

      User’s Manual - Rev 01 – Released – 02/28/2023

      NOTE: Completely read and understand this manual before operating a vehicle with the Determinator® System installed. A user must comply with the requests of the unit and follow its instructions in a timely manner. Failure to do so may require early service or a vehicle lockout – at the driver’s expense and inconvenience. Always operate the vehicle and provide breath samples in a safe manner.

      1. ADS Determinator® System Overview

        Alcohol Detection Systems’ Determinator® is a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) designed to prevent a driver from starting a vehicle when his breath alcohol content (BRAC) is above a defined set point. It is certified per NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) specifications.

      2. System Components
        1. Determinator® Hand Held

          The Handheld is the removable portion of the Determinator® system into which a user provides a breath sample. Display messages and voice prompts are provided by the Handheld to instruct a user.

        2. Remote Camera

          The Handheld is the removable portion of the Determinator® system into which a user provides a breath sample. Display messages and voice prompts are provided by the Handheld to instruct a user.

      3. Operation
        • Plug In: Connect the Handheld to the cable
        • Turn On: Switch the vehicle’s ignition to “RUN”
        • Warm-Up: Wait for the unit to warm-up
        • Provide Breath Sample: Blow-Suck-Blow
        • Start Vehicle: Drive until a random retest is required
        1. Plug In

          Plug the Hand Held Unit into the cable. The connector is keyed and will only plug in with the connector writing “up”. To remove, squeeze the both sides of the connector and gently pull.

        2. Turn On

          Turn the ignition to “RUN” - this is the position just before “CRANK”. The Hand-Held will turn on and prompt the user for the next step.

          1. Turn On Messages

            Hand Held firmware version number

            HH X-XX

            Hand Held serial number

            SN XXXXX

            Initializing Message


            Possible Service Due Messages

            Serv Due 30 Days
            Lock Due 5 Days

            LOCKOUT: Provide Override Code (XXXXX)

            Pay attention to the service due or lockout date. If you are parking your vehicle for an extended period of time, it may be locked out when you return.

        3. Warm Up

          The Determinator® must warm to operating temperature before a sample is requested. Bringing a unit indoors in a cold climate will reduce the required warm-up time. The message displayed while heating shows 0% to 100% completion.

          Wait XX
        4. Provide Sample : Blow/Suck/Blow (BSB)
          The Determinator®requests a breath sample at turn-on and at random intervals.
          • Do not provide a sample until requested
          • Two beeps are sounded for attention before “Please Provide Sample” is seen/heard
            Please Provide Sample
          • Breath in deeply to fill lungs
          • Provide the sample in three steps:
            • STEP #1: Blow: short, sharp, pulse of air until you hear a beep
            • STEP #2: Suck: short, sharp, pulse of air until you hear a beep.
            • STEP #3: Blow: long, continuous stream of air to empty the lungs. Keep the pressure above/below the min/max set points. Three tones may be heard:
              • Low tone : blow harder
              • Medium tone : try to maintain this
              • High tone : blow softer
          • When the tone stops, stop blowing, sample is complete. Wait for the voice prompt to start the vehicle. DO NOT start the vehicle until instructed to do so.
          • If the BSB feature has been replaced with a “Straight Blow”, only STEP #3 is required. 
          1. Sample Errors
            • "Err: Pressure Not Stable"=> Prior to Step #1 - do not blow into the unit until requested
            • "Err: Suck Not In Time:"=> Step #2 (short suck) sample not provided in allotted time
            • "Err: Blow Not In Time"=> Step #3 (long blow) sample not provided in allotted time
            • "Err: Low Sample Pressure"=> Step #3 - pressure was too low during sample
            • "Err: High Sample Pressure"=> Step #3 - pressure was too high during sample
            • "Err: Sample Temp"=> Step #3 – sample temperature out of range
            • "Err: Fuel Cell Stability"=> At the start of a sample, the alcohol measurement device was not ready
            • "Err: Hold Level "=> To ensure a clear picture, the unit must be held upright and within +/-30 degrees of level at the time a sample is provided.
        5. Start The Vehicle

          After a successful sample, the Determinator® will say, “You may start the vehicle”. At this time, turn the ignition to start the vehicle. If a sample is positive for alcohol, “Vehicle Starting is Disabled” will be heard.

          Once the vehicle has been started, do NOT disconnect the Hand Held unit until the vehicle has been turned off. Once started, the Hand Held will display:


          Randomly, while driving, the Determinator® will ask for additional samples. See Rolling Random Retest

      4. Rolling Random Retest

        While driving the vehicle you will be asked to provide retests at random intervals. The rolling retest sample is provided the same way as the original sample – by providing a Blow/Suck/Blow sample. The typical time allowed is 3 minutes.

        As the driver, you must be sure you can safely provide this sample. Move to a safe lane, reduce vehicle speed, or pull over, if necessary.

        Do not leave a vehicle running unattended - the rolling retest will require a sample. If a sample is not provided in the allotted time, sanctions will be invoked. These include an early lockout and vehicle warning indications.

      5. Courtesy Restart

        If the engine dies, or is turned off, a courtesy restart is allowed. If a rolling retest is not required, the vehicle may be restarted for up to three minutes. If the engine ever dies or is turned off, DO NOT restart the engine until you hear “You May Start the Vehicle” and see the message:

        Start Vehicle
      6. Service Interval / Unit Lockout

        The Determinator® must be returned to the Service Center at a defined interval – typically 30 to 60 days. When the Hand Held is turned on, it will display the number of days before the next required service. If the unit is not returned to the Service Center within the allotted time, the unit will become “locked out”. No samples will be accepted and the vehicle may not be started.

        A code may be entered through the Handheld’s keypad to allow a 24 hour grace period to get to a Service Center. This is an optional feature of the unit. If enabled, the display will show:

        LOCKOUT: Provide Override Code (XXXXX)

        If not available, the display will show:


        Contact ADS tech support and provide the displayed code to receive a temporary unlock code. A charge may apply.

        The code will be 5 digit code containing only the numbers 1, 2, or 3. Enter the code using the corresponding keys on the Hand Held (numbers are written below the buttons). If entered wrong, the ignition must be turned off and back on for the unit to request the code. Once accepted, the unit will reset and begin a normal startup sequence requiring the driver to provide a sample.

      7. Tampering / Circumvention / Early Service

        “A person tampering with, circumventing, or otherwise misusing this Ignition Interlock System is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction is subject to additional time in the Interlock Program, a fine, or imprisonment”

        Tampering and circumvention include: jump or push starting, opening the unit’s case, disconnection of the Vehicle Module or battery, and bogus breath samples.

        Any tampering, circumvention, positive alcohol, case opening, and missed random retests will be detected. The Determinator® Hand Held and Vehicle Module devices log and report all aspects of the unit’s operation as well as any tampering or circumvention to State authorities.

      8. Products Containing Alcohol

        The Determinator® measures and will report the presence of alcohol as a violation and will require an early return for service. Products containing alcohol:

        • Mouthwash / breath strips-drops-mints / some gums
        • Menthol and bargain cigarettes or chewing tobacco
        • Baked goods high in yeast or fermented foods including vinegar
        • Cough syrups and cough drops and some cold remedies

        The occurrence of a positive alcohol sample must be explained to the proper authorities.

        Avoid eating and smoking while using the Determinator®. Wait 15 minutes before providing a sample if any of the products listed above are ingested.

      9. Servicing Procedures

        The Service Center is responsible for vehicle installation of the Determinator®as well as required periodic service and “downloads”. Return the vehicle to the Service Center when the Determinator® Hand Held service interval has expired and the unit requests “Return for Service Now”.

        Contact the Service Center to report any problems or ask questions related to the operation of the Determinator®.

        Upon leaving the Service Center, the unit will have been checked for correct operation and the service interval reset.

      10. Verify Safe Installation

        The Determinator®should not interfere with the operation of a vehicle after it has been started

        • Verify the Cable routing from the Vehicle Module does not interfere with vehicle operation, but gives full access to the Hand Held.
        • Double check that taking the Hand Held from its mount to the driver’s mouth is a normal motion and that the cord does not interfere with any driver control such as the steering wheel, blinkers, or gear shift.
        • Verify brake and gas pedals and steering are not affected by the installation.
      11. Training and Demo Mode

        The Determinator®should not interfere with the operation of a vehicle after it has been started

        • Read this manual completely
        • Watch the Determinator® video
        • Demo Mode

          At a Service Center, using a computer, the Determinator®can be placed into a demonstration mode to allow a driver to learn all aspects of the Determinator® operation such as:

          • how to provide a sample
          • starting the vehicle
          • rolling random retests
          • courtesy restarts
      12. Florida Service Centers

        You may obtain services at any of the following locations

        Service Center List
        Webb's Transmissions Inc307 Racetrack RD NWFort Walton BeachFL32547
        Stereo Sales Inc700 North Monroe StTallahasseeFL32303
        Gillette's Citgo4673 US Hwy 129Live OakFL32060
        OceanWay Auto Service12635 N Main St #1JacksonvilleFL32218
        Hilton Automotive - Summerfield16420 S US 441SummerfieldFL34491
        C. De's Truck and Auto12033 Hicks RdHudsonFL34669
        Reilly Auto Repair850 Ridgeway AveHolly HillFL32117
        Advanced Auto Care Center635 NW 13th StreetGainesvilleFL32601
        Universal Service Center5989 Turkey Lake RdOrlandoFL32819
        JC's Customs515 5th Street SWWinter HavenFL33880
        Total Auto Protection Inc11800 SW 144th CtMiamiFL33186
        Tom Dions Automotive Repair5308 Ashton CourtSarasotaFL34233
        Maximum Audio Video7212 N Dale Mabry AveTampaFL33614
        Emerald Coast Auto Repair1115 W 15th StreetPanama CityFL32401
        Midnight City Custom Auto Repair Hypoluxo Inc921 Hypoluxo RdLake WorthFL33462
        Key Largo Collision Center100149 Overseas HwyKey LargoFL33037
        Tint World Store0231260 W Sunrise BlvdFort LauderdaleFL33311
        321 Audio3764 S HopkinsTitusvilleFL32780
        ASAP Auto Center4660 South US Hwy 1Fort PierceFL34982
        Meineke - Ft Myers3029 Fowler StreetFort MyersFL33901
      13. Vehicle Repairs

        Vehicle malfunctions/repairs to the alternator, vehicle battery, ignition, or any electrical work performed to the vehicle may affect the device. In some cases, device tampering and/or circumvention may be recorded.

        • Any service being performed on the vehicle beyond normal maintenance (oil changes, tune-ups, tire, and brake issues) should be noted to the customer's account, contact ADS to have your account noted.
        • Customers should always obtain a receipt for the work performed on their vehicle, including the date and time.
        • The receipt should be kept in a personal file, in the event the state requires proof of service.
        • The receipt must state the Company name providing service, vehicle description, date and time vehicle was left by the customer, and the date and time the vehicle was returned to the customer, and the service performed.

        In most cases, a mechanic bypass can be provided to the mechanic shop. Please instruct your vehicle repair facility to contact ADS at 888-786-7384 on how to obtain a mechanic bypass code.

      14. Frequently Asked Questions

        Q101: Can I leave my car while it warms up, or while I run into the convenience store?
        A101: NO. Once a vehicle has been started, the Determinator® will randomly prompt the user for a sample. If the user is not available, this will be treated as a failure to provide a random retest.
        Q102: The Determinator® requires a long time to heat up and request a sample. Can this time be decreased?
        A102: The Determinator® must warm up to operating temperature. In cold climates, warm up time can be improved by disconnecting the unit from the coiled cord and bringing the unit indoors.
        Q103: “I replaced my battery”. What do I do?
        A103: The Determinator® detects tampering at the loss of battery power. A user should keep documentation for the loss of battery power, for example, receipt from mechanic shop. You should also contact ADS to have your account noted.
        Q104: A sample was rejected for “Pressure not stable”.
        A104: Do not provide a sample until requested. If a user blows into the unit or even breathes lightly into the unit, this error can occur. Please retry providing the sample.

      15. Startup Error Messages

        The following messages may be displayed at unit startup with the unit temporarily disabled. If the indicated problem has been resolved, turn the ignition off and back on to retry normal operation.

        Displayed MessageExplanation
        “Lockout: Code (S/N 001001)” or “Restricted: Enter Code (S/N 001001)”Unit is locked out either due to expiration of the service interval or due to a daily time restriction. Provide the Handheld’s Serial Number (it is displayed and printed on the unit’s rear label) to the service center. A 5 digit code will be provided. Enter the code using the Handheld’s keypad with the buttons representing the numbers 1, 2, and 3. The unit will allow for 24 hours of continued operation.
        "DISABLED - RANDOM RETEST FAIL"A random retest was not provided in the allotted time. Pull over as instructed and turn off the ignition.
        "DISABLED – NO SAMPLE"No sample was provided in the allotted time.
        "DISABLED - BREATH TEMP"The temperature of the sample was too low or too high.
        "DISABLED - POSITIVE ALCOHOL"A sample over the allowed limit was measured. If driving, pull over as instructed and turn off the ignition.
        "DISABLED - TIME RESTRICTE"The unit has an optional time restriction entered. The unit will only operate between certain hours.
        "DISABLED - AMBIENT TEMP"System error: the internal ambient temperature is out of expected range.
        "DISABLED - HEATING"System error: the heaters encountered an unexpected condition.
        "DISABLED - SYNCH MISMATCH"The Hand Held unit does not recognize the connected Vehicle Module. These two devices are paired at the Service Center and must remain matched.
        "DISABLED - SYNCH ERROR"The Hand Held could not communicate to the Vehicle Module. This could indicate a problem with either device or the coiled cable between them.
      16. Voice Prompts

        The Determinator® has several voice prompts that are spoken to alert the user to provide a sample or indicate the unit status.

        Spoken PromptExplanation
        "Return for Service Soon"Spoken after warm up if service is due in less than 5 days
        "Please Wait"Spoken while heating, or before requesting a sample.
        "Determinator®, Please Wait"Start-up message
        "Please Provide Sample"Spoken for a first test or rolling random retest. Provide a breath sample.
        "Please Retry Sample"Previous sample failed. Provide another breath sample.
        "Provide sample now"Spoken during a random retest if the first request is ignored "Provide Sample Now or Vehicle Lockout will begin" Spoken during a random retest if the first two requests are ignored
        "Pull over and stop the vehicle"The engine was detected as running without authorization to start/run. Continuing to drive after a positive alcohol sample or the failure to provide a random retest will also generate this message.
        "Invalid sample - Please wait"Spoken if the provided sample could not be measured (temperature/pressure/etc) . See ?? for more information.
        "You May Start the Vehicle"The vehicle may be started. Spoken if a proper sample was provided or if the engine dies and a courtesy restart is allowed.
        "Vehicle Starting is Disabled"An alcohol positive sample was measured. The vehicle will not start.
        "Rolling Retest Passed. Thank You"A valid sample was provided for a rolling random retest. A new random interval will be calculated.
        "Return for service now - Vehicle lockout"Lockout period has elapsed. Vehicle is locked out and may not be started. If enabled, a code may be entered for a 24 hours grace period.
      17. Emergency Procedures

        Provide Key Displayed: Device malfunction error. Contact ADS at 888-786-7384. Our trained technical support agents will request the entire message being displayed to begin appropriate troubleshooting.

        Provide Override Code Displayed: You have failed to return for service and device will no longer operate until it is unlocked. Contact 888-786-7384 , a customer service agent will assist with temporarily unlocking the device to allow you to return to the service center for service. on how to obtain a mechanic bypass code.

      18. Potential Charges
        Primary Fees Charged by the Service Center - Fees do not include tax
        Installation (varies based on vehicle type)$75.00 to $250.00
        Monitoring/Calibration Fee$15.00 to $40.00
        Removal Fee$40.00 to $250.00
        Vehicle Switch (Switching the IID from one vehicle to another) (Payable to the service center)$125.00 to $350.00
        Inspection Fee (if tampering/bypass is suspected)$70.00
        Other Fees that May Apply (Payable to ADS) - Fees do not include tax
        Charge Back Fee$30.00
        Check by Phone Fee$5.00
        Damage, lost, stolen or unreturned device fee$150-$3000.00
        Data Logs$25.00
        Device Protection Fee (DPP) Bi-Weekly with deductible of $250 or $500 (one-time)$5.00
        Device Protection Fee (DPP) Monthly with deductible of $250 or $500 (one-time)$9.99
        Early Termination Fee$0.00
        Expedited Shipping (if required)$18.00-$45.00
        Hourly rate to repair a unit, if intentionally or unintentionally damaged$50.00
        Insufficient Check Fee$15.00
        Late Fee$15.00
        Lockout Reset Fee$75.00
        No Show Fee$50.00
        Reinstall Fee (If another device is required after 3 business days from original appointment)$50.00
        Replacement Fee$25.00
        Reset Recal Fee$40.00
        Security Deposit (Not required on auto deduction from a bank account. Refunded on successful completion of program)$89.99
        Vehicle Switch (Internal administrative fee)$30.00